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Count on The Law Office of Persun & Poole for your business law and municipal law needs in Somerset, PA. Our area businesses and governments often need legal advice and representation in complicated matters. It is much better to know you have met all of your legal obligations as a business or municipality. Rely on our law firm to help you with your small business planning, regulatory guidance, and municipal law needs. Call our office today at (814) 445-4021 for a free consultation.

Helping Communities Create Meaningful Policies for Their Way of Life

Creating ordinances can be a complex and demanding task. The same goes for land uses, charters, police powers, and more. Our skilled legal team can help you create policies that meet the requirements of Pennsylvania and federal law. We can make the language clear and concise for everyone to understand. Our team works with a variety of local governments, including those in Somerset and beyond. If you are in need of an experienced solicitor for your municipality contact our office today. We can help with complicated municipal law matters.

Proudly Providing These Legal Services

Our experienced and skilled attorneys can handle a variety of legal services for our clients, including:

Providing Stable Legal Grounds for Small Business Planning

There are many advantages of owning a small business, but there are legal matters you have to consider. Our business planning attorney can assist you with choice of entity and other formation decisions. We can also provide advice on growth, sales or acquisitions, and general corporate governance. We will help you meet the requirements under Pennsylvania and United States business law. You need a superior attorney who can help you build your business the right way. We will help you meet all the regulatory requirements under state and federal law. If you are thinking about starting a company, or taking your existing business to new heights, contact the attorneys at the Law Office of Persun & Poole today.

Rely on The Law Office of Persun & Poole for superior services on business law and municipal law in Somerset, PA.